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Custody is the story of a single mother who wrongfully ends up in family court in New York City and the Judge and lawyer who she faces there. The film explores the lives of three different women, each from different backgrounds, who all live in New York City.

Artist In Residence


Based on the musical, a struggling actress and her novelist lover look back on the last half-decade of their relationship from very different viewpoints.

The Last 5 Years

Two female vampires in modern-day New York City are faced with daunting romantic possibilities.


City Island

The Rizzos, a family who doesn’t share their habits, aspirations, and careers with one another, find their delicate web of lies disturbed by the arrival of a young ex-con brought home by Vince the patriarch of the family.


A troubled hedge fund magnate desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire makes an error that forces him to turn to an unlikely person for help.

Ideal Home

A bickering gay couple must suddenly deal with the unexpected task of raising a 10-year-old boy.

Nico leaves a promising acting career in Argentina after a romantic break-up with his married producer. He lands in New York City, lured into believing that his talent will help him succeed "on his own". But that's not what he discovers.

Nobody's Watching

Two best friends are enjoying what they think is a normal night, until the doorbell rings and an unexpected visitor delivers the possibility of death. 
A Killer Secret
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